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    LaRoux K. Gillespie is a leader in both his personal and professional life. He has served the Society of Manufacturing Engineers for 47 years in many roles from a student member to Secretary/Treasurer. He credits SME with providing the opportunities to grow and developh skills. He has held leadership positions in education and research insitutions, and organized international conferences. And he has shared those experiences through lectures on burrs, young engineers, motivation, and the future of manufacturing engineering... More details.
    LaRoux has given his two motivational talks Seeds of Greatness and The Million Dollar Lecture at 14 student leader workshops. Much of his early SME work was directed to members of the student chapters for which he has a special love. People want to make a difference with their life and often overlook the fact that they are making a difference, while others are trying to figure how to make that difference. These two talks explore those issues.
    These two talks provide insight into the internal abilities that each of us has and how others have used that to make an impact. Student leadership conferences and other successful learning venues can be an important asset in developing students if done appropriately. These students are our future and we need to thank and mentor them for them to be the best they can be.
    For practicing engineers But They Won’t Let Me Clean the Toilets is a similar view into motivation.
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    phone: 316-218-0249

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