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Manufacturing Engineering Specialties
Teaching and Presentations
  • Burr research
  • Reducing deburring costs
  • Overview of burr technology
  • History of deburring technology
    Writing for/about manufacturing
    Training --micro deburring precision products


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    Background history of deburring--
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    Training for
    Precision Deburring

    LaRoux K. Gillespie is a consultant and writer on manufacturing issues. A retired Manager in Honeywell's Kansas City Division, he has written or edited technical books, training materials and articles on precision machining and deburring, as well as on professional development for engineers and engineering students. Much of his professional work has concentrated on machining, burr formation and deburring processes some translated into Japanese, German, Chinese and Korean. LaRoux has been a key leader in organizing international technical efforts on technology such as the World-Wide Burr Technology Committee, an international team devoted to technology for the edge finishing industry. A Fellow of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), LaRoux has served in local, regional and national positions, and is a frequent speaker on burrs, young engineers, motivation, and the future of manufacturing engineering.

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