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The author's new book Christian Spears, Kentucky Pioneer, 1755-1811 leaves John and Catherine Eddleman Burger and their son Michael and his wife Honor Ellis leaving Bourbon County, Kentucky in January 1811. See the book announcement. New also is Burger Family in Indiana 1811.

Our sixth genealogy book - History and Descendants of James Gillespie, 1760-1990 - includes everything we have found about any of the descendants of James.

This volume is a history and discussion of each descendant as well as a genealogy of all descendants in the period 1760-1990.
The majority of the book discusses the descendants of George Gillespie who emigrated from Scotland in 1880. He lived all his life in Perry County, Ohio and his descendants are largely centered near Columbus, Ohio. In addition however, you will find details about the family he left behind in Scotland, and the relatives who moved to Australia and Canada.
You will hear some of the lifestyle of a farm wife who lived through the depression, better understand the coal mining issues at the turn of the century, hear the heartbreak of two serious fires, and the reconstructed thoughts of young children growing up on the farm. A daredevil Gillespie riding the wings of moving biplanes provides a different lifestyle in the days of barnstorming.
One chapter describes the many Gillespies in Scotland from the 1200's until the 1800's. Another describes the lifestyle in this era. Yet another chapter presents the curious case of several Gillespies all in the little mining communities around Rendville, Ohio. Were they related?
This is a 225 page book with almost 400 references. It includes 145 pages of text and references, 25 pictures selected from several dozen for their interest, almost 40 pages of genealogy and a 10 page index to both genealogy and the text. This book is available only in a photocopy quality, coil bound. Each person is identified by number so that he or she may be found easily. Please note these only include those Gillespies descending from James and Isabella Gillespie in Scotland (Clackmannan and Lanark Counties).
These are books you will treasure. They were written by a Gillespie descendant, who has published ten other books, and who has over 250 other publications to his credit. They are an encyclopedia of our ancestry and make excellent gifts for relatives and libraries.

--LaRoux Gillespie


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