LaRoux has pursued family history and genealogy since 1980. He has written 50 family history, local history and genealogy books. He served as editor of the Gillespie Newsletter for 10 years, taking it over from friends Bob and Lois Gillespie. He has all 20 years of that newsletter. He has edited the Ireton Newsletter, a 33-year effort that continues as the one genealogy activity he pursues. He has just published the 5 volume work The Iretons of England and Wales, 1165 A.D. - 2000 A.D. To subscribe or contribute to the Ireton Newsletter contact contact LaRoux directly.

LaRoux continues his search for evidence on John Hughes who was born in or around 1817 in Ireland and came to the US possibly in about 1840. He died in Lawrence, Massachusetts on Feb 25, 1857. Traces of his wife Margaret disappear after an apparent marriage to Mathew Cole, birth of children and Margaret and Mathew’s death in Lawrence. John and Margaret’s son Patrick was born in 1837 in Ireland.

LaRoux' historical novel Christian Spears, Kentucky Pioneer: 1755-1811 is the story of a real farmer in Daniel Boone's time and place, and its 450 pages makes it the most complete story of a farmer of that time.(see book announcement)

Picking up the Christian story in 1811, LaRoux also has written about the Burger Family in Indiana 1811.

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